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What is an average cost to alter a bridal gown?
There is no such thing as 'an average cost'! Costs vary by gown design, fabric, construction, embellishments, & a lot more. There are no alteration cost guidelines for the industry. Cost is also a variable based on the quality of work that is performed and the quality of service you get as an individual. As the saying goes...."You get what you pay for".

How do I select the right person or business for my alterations or custom work? 
1) Take a little time to talk directly to the seamstress: it is important that you are personally comfortable with, and feel confident in, the person to do a great job. You should feel confident that your ideas and feelings will be listened to and be addressed professionally. A successful alterations experience is the result of good communication between you and the seamstress.
2) Ask for references or read reviews.

Why should I get alterations done?
When clothing fits properly your attitude changes. Your self-confidence and appearance is elevated tremendously. Manufactured clothes are styled based on “one style fits all”, yet no item of clothing fits 2 people the same way.  Alterations make the style fit to your body, rather than forcing your body to fit the style. It’s an inexpensive self-makeover.